Kutztown Cyclocross 2012

In one day, I saw the single biggest dog I’ve ever seen, and the tiniest one.  I wish I had photos….

Last year I totally fell apart on this course, mechanically and mentally.  I think I had three different trips to the pits, and ran at least one lap.  Especially with my course destruction spectacle spectacular last week at Crossasaurus, my stated goal before the race was to ride cleanly, and not crash.  Joe and I both had front row call ups, and Brendan behind me requested a clean, fast start.  That was almost a disaster as I pulled out of my left pedal three strokes in, and then promptly started the “reverse hole-shot” and before we finished the prologue section, I was second to last.

After the first lap, I was still last or second to last, and the entire rest of the field was riding away in various groups.  Riding on my own, I started to play head games again, and just about checked out, I had totally lost contact with “the race”.  Finally after 2 laps, I pulled myself together, started to feel the flow of the course better, and caught up to some groups.  It was very difficult to pass, most of the course was very tight, and the straight sections were relatively short.  I tried a quick move to pass Festa, but then promptly over cooked the next corner, letting the group go by me again.  Finally I was able to make a clean pass on the finishing straight and ultimately caught up to a group with Joe and Dag.  Ended up 13th, and managed to turn a really crappy start into a somewhat better race.  Also, didn’t destroy large sections of course tape, nor really crash, so that was a success.

I heard that the course was opened up for Sunday, that would be an excellent improvement.

Using a little body english

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